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Communication design

Whenever a group of people is involved, clear and consistent communication becomes essential. Humanbeings are evolved to make since of the world in stories, this is true in both inside and outside the business. Just as certain people talk in certain way, brands need to look and sound in a ways that target audience can relate to. This helps in not just differentiating the brand but also connecting with its target audience.


The design process starts by understanding the core business goals, its audience and immediate environment. Communication design deliverables include brand strategy, digital and print collaterals, infographics, brand style guides, logos, pitch deck, business website, social media strategy, content strategy etc. 

Need for communciation design


The primary intent of design can vary from project to project, it is always best to have a good brand strategy done before the business gets more traction. Some common intents for a design project could be to :

- A change happening in the business like, new product, new segment, new market

- Entering a new channel

- New business 

- Elicit a particular behaviour from user as a part of PR 

- Redesign for new technological/environmental/policy constrains

- Or even creating aesthetically pleasing styles that customer wants to buy.

What are the final deliverables?

Branding strategy

Brand voice

Brand purpose

Brand mission

Brand value 

Brand logo

Brand personality

User persona

User Journey map

Competitive analysis 

Positioning strategy 

Message framework

Storytelling framework

Channel analysis


Style guide

Typograph suggestion

Digital collateral

Physical collateral

Image style guide


Data visualization

Pitch deck




Example of good design
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