I am an engineer who fell in love with design thinking. I envision to solve problems through a humancentric approach and design innovation.

Industrial Design

Product Visualization

Creative Direction

Branding Identity

Interaction & experience Design


     I was fortunate to be surrounded by craftsmen and artists early in life. I was able to see and even experience art, engineering and business through my dad who was an artist himself. I was able to familiarize myself with a range of tools and the process of creating things which made me choose Mechanical engineering to be my Bachelor's degree. After graduation, I worked alongside an innovative Startup during its initial stages, then moved on to manage and design for the family-owned metal fabrication shop. Further on the road, I had the chance to work with MNC's in Tech support and customer relations sector for two years gaining knowledge of customer behavior and a bit of tech. Having worked in multiple disciplines forced me to learn new things, which then started giving me a sense of euphoria.  

This is the time when I learned about design thinking and the field of Industrial design, which matched my interests, suited my profile and the future seemed bright. I was able to teach myself a fair bit of design history, few technical skills and understand why certain products are the way they are. I was lucky to join as a Jr. product designer at Studio Gritt, a multi-disciplinary design studio which handled product, architecture and interior. I had the opportunity to learn from them for about four months. It was then the pandemic struck!

Currently I am a 2nd year student of business administration (pursued as a distant course) and an independent designer.

My design philosophy is always evolving. Focus on empathy and environmental sustainability are what I believe to be the future of good design.  

​I like going to the gym daily, I am a martial artist and a serious gamer, likes adv. camping and most new challenges..

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