You can call me an engineer, a business strategist, a maker, a researcher or a social worker. The craft I do is a convergence of different disciplines that is intended to do one thing at its best, i.e. to solve real human problems. Having gone through an engineering and a business curriculum I found myself spreading myself across disciplines and realized that this is the best way to stay creative. I collaborate with like minded entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals in innovating for better future all. 

I strongly believe that the, top down approach of business is an ancient concept, with the rapid changing economy, changing human demands and uncertainty being at its highest, the best way to have a sustainable business is to design with the user. This starts by (1) understanding the real needs of the user (2) realizing that there are better alternatives and current option is not the only option (3) learning that innovation is the only way to a prosperous society. 


"If a need can be met without a product/service, lets not push it down the line, going carbon neutral is everyone's responsibility"

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"You can analyse the past, but you need to design the future."

Dr. Edward de Bono


Design Strategy

Industrial Design, cmf

Product 3D Visualization


Behavioral & Experience Design

Communication Design

Project Management 

Value Engineering