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Value proposition

Concept generation

3D CAD modeling

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Packaging design 

User insight

Competition analysis 

Market analysis

Brand strategy 

Design system

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Digital/print material design

Communication design

Customer experience design

Design for behavior change

Service blueprint

KPI recommendation

Future scoping

What is design ?

What is design ?

Design can be described as the conscious thought about the intent. A product, a service or a system that has a specific intent requires careful planning and decision making, a.k.a blueprint to achieve the desired goal. The blueprint and the process of creating the blueprint is called design. 


For instance, when manufacturing a bottle we need to think about all the possible factors that effect it directly and in-directly, like, who uses it, how they are going to use, why should they use it, what else will they do with it, how can it be made, how it is stored, displayed and recycled, etc., all this will determine the final design of the bottle. We get a good design when even the smallest of details are well directed to meet the desired outcome. 

What is the process like ?


Starting with discovery phase, where data is gathered through various research methodologies, these data include user persona, user schemata, stakeholders interests, current technology, competition, the latest trend so on...  Interviews, surveys, service safaris, diary journals, Journal reviews, secondary market research are some general methods used in the discovery session. discovery helps us identify opportunities and/or problems that could be targeted to ensure the success of the business. 

The define phase, helps us focus on the most relevant problem/ opportunities in hand. This is obtained by synthesizing the data discovered from the discovery phase. Here we create a problem statement or a design brief as it is generally called in the industry. 

At the development phase, we diverge again to find creative solutions for the problem/s. We recommend this to be a collaborative process in order to get maximum insight from various departments of the organization. Ideation, brainstorming, card sorting, mind mapping, mood boarding, experience prototyping etc. are used to generate and test various solutions. 

The delivery phase is the final user testing and implementation phase. Here, the solution is tested and validated for the forecasted result. A feedback loop is set to measure the analyze the performance in case of a service. KPI's are measured and the solution is further refined moving forward. In the case of a tangible product, manufacturing supervision is done to ensure that the intended outcome is not lost during the production phase. 

What's the process like ?

Disclamer : It is to be noted that a creative process is always non-linear and iterative, there may be several back and forth between the phases mentioned above. I have explained the process for a non-designer to easily understand and enable better collaboration. Collaboration is one of the key factor that enables project success. 

What is good design ?

What is Good design ?

Good design is the realization of true intent through conscious decision making. 

How can the idea/technology/IP be protected ?

How can the idea be protected ?

If your tech/ parts of your tech has not yet been patented, the best way to move ahead is with an NDA. Find NDA template here. It is always best to be on the safer side when dealing with new technology and innovative business ideas.

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