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Experiential campaign 



H&S (for Kay Jewelers USA)

During the pandemic, people were confined to their homes, unable to go out with their loved ones. In response, key jewelers, in association with H&S Marketing, aimed to create an experiential installation design that would allow couples to walk around and experience the purity and dynamism of life and diamonds. This unique experience guides the audience through the transcendence of a diamond, from its humble origins as coal in the earth to its transformation into a brilliant, shiny gem.

Amidst the pandemic's constraints, a significant transformation has unfolded, prompting a renewed emphasis on self-care and personal development. Locked down in their homes, individuals have turned inward, recognizing the paramount importance of nurturing themselves. As they navigate these challenges, there's a shared acknowledgment of the value in prioritizing personal well-being. This collective awakening has spurred a movement towards self-improvement, guiding us towards introspection and growth

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