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Embracing simplicity ?

A design critique

The Light phone 2 is a distraction free version of smartphone. We all have gone through times when you wanted to finish a task but was distracted mid-way due to some notification. Not to say the endless scrolls before sleep. It is not your fault and it is not that you are not disciplined. We have the brilliants from among us working their ass- off to keep us engaged, through constant research and iterative design smartphones are now a living breathing thing which can recognize changes and behave accordingly. So no amount of discipline can keep you from playing with it.

Light phone 2 has a minimalist design with just few functions like Call, alarm and texting. Although it is not a replacement for your smartphone, it is defiantly useful when you are outdoor with your friends or family and you don't want any distraction.

This device is available for pre-order here . If you are interested in the concept more than the aesthetics you can checkout the link below. They are available on amazon right now.



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